Rain Garden: An experimental garden designed to harvest rainwater

In an effort to promote rainwater harvesting, while allowing visitors to spend some quality time in the lap of nature, designer Strawn Sierralta has developed an experimental garden that is both figuratively and literally a rain garden. Designed in accordance with 18th century English and French garden follies, the Rain Garden helps educate visitors about the value of freshwater and the importance of rainwater harvesting.

Visitors to the garden are made to sit behind a water curtain, which acts as a lens through which visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape. The rhythmic sound of water reduces the noise of the world outside, creating a natural atmosphere, which will have a soothing effect on the senses of the visitors. The curtain of water is produced by the garden by making use of harvested rainwater, which is then recycled for the unique appearance.

The garden not only collects and stores its own water, but at the same time helps spreading seeds, thereby enhancing the landscape with greenery. It also works as a folly, sitting apart from the landscape, while integrating itself into the large environment.

Cheers! Strawn Sierralta

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