House Arc prefabricated home is ready to the packaged and shipped

In a bid to make the most of the already dwindling land resources, architects over the globe want us to get into the future in a home which measures just a few square meters, but still manages to include the most necessary amenities while ensuring a reduced carbon footprint. There is no dearth of such portable home designs, but the House Arc by Bellomo Architects is one which is now being fabricated and is available for online purchase.

The portable house, according to the architects, can be shipped to any location in the form of a kit, where it can easily be assembled. The modular housing system is designed specifically for communities in need of off-grid living solutions which are low on maintenance too. The compact house, which can be powered by solar panels, is highly energy efficient, owing to a number of passive design techniques incorporated.

The house is naturally ventilated and lit to save energy, while the structure is made using recycled steel and is raised on concrete footings to allow air flow underneath the house for passive cooling. Large windows allow natural light to flood the interiors, while the shading prevents excess heat build-up inside it. Weighing just 3000 pounds, the structure measures just 4 x 10 x 3 feet, but is still able to withstand tropical winds and weather.

Via: Inhabitat

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