Artist creates intricate sculptures from recycled books

There is no doubt that we throw away a lot of products each day, most of which add to the landfills or garbage dumps, while a few from the homes of eco conscious people make it to the recycling yards. Annoyed by the amount of waste produced all over the world, industrial designer Keri Muller has come up with beautiful sculptures that are made using recycled books.

The designer purchased books from a recycling pile, where each of them was destined to become paper pulp. The books are then transformed into intricate sculptures of different types, which can now compliment any home décor. Books usually are the most often discarded items, with most homeowners discarding novels, weekly and monthly magazines, right after the new one appears. While some homeowners prefer sending the books for recycling, most of us simply throw them in the garbage cans. Even recycling books takes up a lot of energy and hence creating artwork of this kind gives books a new life without consuming any energy in the process.

Cheers! Keri Muller


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