Between Air installation explores the relation between nature and technology

Designed as a part of the Spain Pavilion at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice, Between Air, is an installation conceptualized by architects at the Spanish practice Selgascano. The installation is designed as a project to explore the relationship between the new visions of nature with technological advances to solve the problems of shortages of yields. The installation rethinks the way plants are normally grown to better conditions for farmers, while ensuring the farming gets as environmentally friendly as possible.

The system features a collection of suspended “airpots”. The airpots are porous cylindrical forms made using recycled plastic. The holes in the airpots bring in fresh air and light to the roots of the plants, while also allowing the farmers to prune the roots to make sure they grow radically rather than lineally. The plantings are based on the use of hydroponics which allows nutrients to be distributed straight into the roots of the plants, without the need of any kind of soil maintenance.

The tubes can be suspended from the ceiling of any room using specially designed cables. The planters can be connected to each other with steel plates. The unique setup allows the user to constantly move the planters for adequate heat and light exposure for better growth.

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