Concept sun protector for Chevrolet cars generates energy too

Entering a car which has been parked in direct sunlight for a couple of hours is just as close to entering a furnace. The excess heat built up inside cars due to the solar heat that enters mostly through the windshield, makes the air conditioning system work harder by consuming a lot of energy. The simplest way to keep your car cool is by using a sun shield on the windscreen. Industrial designer Kdu Batista has come up with a concept sun shield that not only keeps your car cool, but also generates renewable solar energy.

The device features solar cells embedded into the sun shield, which harvests and collects solar energy to be used afterwards. Once you remove the sun shield and are ready to drive the car, you can plug in your portable electronic devices such as cell phones or MP3 players to charge their batteries. The designer estimates that with just two hours of sun exposure, the shield can recharge portable electronics for six hours. The sun shield features multi-cable connections which make it compatible with a wide range of portable electronic devices.

Cheers! Kdu Batista

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