Chinese artist recycles oil drums into a metal dragon

Metal scrap is one of the largest hazardous wastes that pose serious threats to the environment worldwide, but there a few inspired souls that constantly strive to reuse or recycle metal scrap and turn into something creative or meaningful (environmentally, functionally and aesthetically) and make earth a better place to live. Reclaiming the old oil drums, Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie has created a creative public sculpture dubbed “Oil Can Dragon” that is not only magnificent to look at but also helps in sustaining the environment.

Featuring sharp, minute details to bring out the true Chinese spirit of mysticism and authority, the metal dragon sculpture relieves the “tension between the natural and modern worlds.” The Oil Can Dragon was on display outside the 2011 CAFA Biennale art exhibition in Beijing, where it took a large number of spectators by surprise.

Via: Juxtapoz

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