Pingtuated Equilibripong table lets you dine green in ping pong style

Whenever it comes to home décor we usually find a multitude of designs for each and every furniture item to suit the taste buds of a variety of individuals. The Pingtuated Equilibripong table is for those who have deep love for ping pong and want something for their home that is greener than the rest.  Created by a team of Akke Functional Art the ping pong table transforms into a dining table by just removing the net in between.

The environmentally friendly table has been crafted from different types of reclaimed woods to make sure that your green home’s ambience is not disturbed by something that isn’t the best when it comes to being eco friendly. Constructed from a wide array of recycled and salvaged materials including mulberry, Chinese chestnut, black walnut, sycamore, red oak, black locust, cherry, holly, sassafras and ash the table’s top has a unique striped look to appeal one and all.

Recycled plumbing pipes and fittings, glass, mirror, steel, aircraft cable and Edison reproduction light bulbs further better the aesthetic appeal of the table. The table’s dual functionality helps you eat without changing your place after you’ve played a lot of ping pong and are in need for something to eat. Bon appétit!

Via: Alternative Consumer

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