Harmonic Fields art festival features 500 wind-powered musical instruments

As a part of the “Inside Out Dorset”, an artistic festival in Dorset, five hundred musical instruments will be installed on the natural landscape of the county. These instruments will be played by the wind as visitors wander among the instruments. Dubbed as “Harmonic Fields”, the installation will run until September 9, with the developers hoping to attract people from all over the world and further afield.

Previous art installations by Inside Out Dorset, have seen more than 30,000 people, with this year’s unique wind driven musical festival aiming to attract a lot more. The installation harnesses the natural energy of wind to breathe life into the orchestra, thereby creating a symphonic soundscape.

The festival greets visitors with different sounds played by different instruments as wind blows through the entire landscape. Played entirely by nature, sounds from Harmonic Fields are quiet and come at their own pace, quite similar to the waves on the seashore.

Images Courtesy: Inside Out Dorset @ Facebook

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