Wi-Fi sensor monitors your plants’ needs to keep them alive

While we really don’t think that you should need systems to monitor the health of plants and let you know when they are in need of water or light, companies like Koubachi want you to add a technological brain to your potted plants. The company has come up with a system called the Wi-Fi Sensor that can you stuck into the potted plant, from where it gets connected with a web or an iOS app to monitor the needs of the plant.

A single sensor along with the app can track the conditions of up to 27 plants. However, though it sounds a lot interesting, the actual monitoring process takes a lot of hard work. First of all you have to stick the sensor in the first pot and then tell the app what kind of a plant is it and water it for the first time. Then you have to wait for a week’s time and then tell the sensor about the condition the plant is in after a week. The app then figures out the care routine to keep your plant healthy. Now if you have more plants, you have to repeat the process with each potted plant. Even after you’ve spend a lot of weeks in gathering the data for each of the plant, you still have to stick the sensor in each plant for a month for more specific care data.

The idea is definitely silly. Obviously these kind of products are made for individuals who want to grow plants, but don’t usually have any time (even a few minutes each day) to take care of them. We cannot expect these highly busy people to spend months just gathering the data, all of which is used to tell them that their plants need water and light. Instead of spending $89 for the sensor and waiting for months, it would be better if we spend just a minute every day to check the soil for moisture and water the plant when the soil looks dry.

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