Bird-friendly wind turbine produces twice the output of a typical turbine

Conventional horizontal axis wind turbines have often been criticized for being unfriendly to birds and bats, which often die because of the turbines’ fast spinning blades. While vertical axis wind turbines solve the issue, Raymond Green, a military veteran, has come up with a unique “bladeless” wind turbine which is very quiet in operation and entirely safe for birds and bats.

Weighing about 20kg, the Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine, has no external moving parts, with the blades hidden safely within the unit. The turbine’s patented inner compression cone technology, draws in wind through the wide entrance, but enhances it speed by pushing it into a more confined space located near the turbine blades. The developer claims that the turbine can produce twice the output of a conventional turbine and can also be installed closer to ground.

The patented compression technology, helps reduce the size of the blades, making it quieter in operation, while ensuring a decent output. The prototype of the turbine was built at an estimated cost of $550, in order to bring the product to the market, with manufacturing expected to take up to two years.

Via: Gizmag/Treehugger

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