Eco Bike concept features a solar energy generator onboard

The advancements in thin film solar panel technology have made researchers and product designers come up with interesting new concepts to generate renewable energy when outdoors. The Eco Bike by industrial designer Alexander Babich Suricoma is one such concept, which features a complete solar energy generator onboard a hybrid bicycle.

The bicycle about 36 solar panels, which can be unfolded at any location in need of off-grid electricity. The modules are supposed to hang on the bicycle during transportation during which they generate some amount of renewable energy, enough to provide electricity to the bicycles head and tail lights. When parked, the onboard solar panels can be completely unfurled and rotated according to the position of the sun in the sky to generate a large amount of electricity, which is stored in batteries hidden inside the bicycle.

The solar panels can also be removed from the bicycle and used as a photovoltaic shelter to produce electricity to your camp site or can be setup at your home to recharge your electric car with renewable solar energy.

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