LG’s flexible wire battery to herald a revolution in wearable solar technology

The advent of thin film solar panels have made designers and fashion houses come up with futuristic clothes, which apart from looking attractive could also feature embedded solar panels to charge your portable electronic gear. However, most of these solar powered clothes, don’t feature batteries, and hence you can only charge a device whenever you are in sunshine. Researchers at LG Chem have now come up with a cable-type flexible battery, which is just a few millimeters in diameter and can be tied in knots and woven into textiles.

The “wire” battery features the same lithium ion chemistry as the battery inside your cellphone or laptop, but unlike these solid batteries, the new battery features the anode, cathode and the electrolyte twisted into a flexible, spring-like helix. This is not the first time researchers have come up with flexible batteries, but most of the batteries developed previously could only bend as a thin sheet of plastic and had very low energy density. On the other hand, the newly developed battery by LG Chem is being claimed to have the same voltage and energy density as your Smartphone battery.

The scientists demonstrated the new battery by charging an iPod for 10 hours using a knotted battery 25 centimeter in length. The company aims to have the battery ready for mass production by 2017. Though the battery can have hundreds of possible applications, its use in wearable electronics or wearable solar technology is one that could change the way we charge our gadgets. Moreover, since you will be wearing a battery as a bracelet or even a necklace, future Smartphones could get a lot slimmer and attractive.

Via: Extreme Tech

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