Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry offers zero carbon viewing platform for America’s cup

Sauter Carbon Offset Design has come up with the Leal to Zero Greenline Ferry, a zero-carbon ferry designed to offer an eco friendly viewing platform for the America’s cup in the San Francisco Bay. With zero carbon footprint, the ferry is also an exciting option for eco tourism destinations along with ports and harbors around the world.

The ferry features a photovoltaic exoskeleton and turbine props, which collectively generate all the energy required to propel the ferry. The energy harvested by the renewable energy generating systems can be used immediately or supplied to the grid when the ferry is not sailing. To make sure that the ferry can sail even on an overcast low wind day, the designers have also proposed the inclusion of a 0.5MW UPS and automated Dynawing sails, which are capable of maintaining the zero carbon credentials of the ferry at a cruising speed of 12 knots.

Moreover, the ferry also features hybrid eco marine propulsion motors that comply with EPA’s carbon emission regulations. The designers state that all the technologies proposed to be incorporated in the ferry are currently available and hence the realization of this eco friendly ferry is looking good.

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