Benkatina turbine to generate energy from municipal water pipes

While a hydroelectric dam helps produce electricity without any emissions, the process of building dams on rivers isn’t always environmentally friendly. An Israel-based company, Leviathan Energy, is now coming up with a solution in the form of a turbine that harvests the pressure of water flowing through municipal pipes to produce hydroelectricity, without building any dams.

Dubbed the Benkatina, the turbine can be used to produce hydroelectricity in areas where building dams isn’t possible. The beta model of the turbine is being tested by Israel’s national water carrier Mekorot, with power companies around the world showing interest in the system. The system makes use of excess pressure in water systems, which causes leaks if not regulated. According to estimates about $14 billion worth of water is wasted each year due to leakage, which is easily preventable.

The company plans to install the turbine in parts of the piping known to have extra pressure. The turbine can be developed in a variety of sizes with a smaller version being claimed to provide off-grid electricity in remote areas of the world. Apart from offering a way to produce clean energy, the turbine is more ecologically viable as there is no need to build dams to produce electricity. Moreover, only excess pressure is used to produce electricity, to make sure that the integrity of the piping system can be maintained and the flow of water isn’t reduced.

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