English artist creates strikingly detailed replica of Titanic from scrap

Exactly 100 years after the real Titanic sunk, an English artist revealed one of the most detailed replicas of the ship, carefully crafted from found materials. Designed by Jason King, the replica is an exact 1:100 scale model of the Titanic, which has been created after two long years of work. This is not the first time Titanic fans have come up with innovative replicas of the famous ship, but Jason wanted his replica to be perfect and as close to the real ship as possible.

To pull it off, the artist purchased 150 books on the Titanic and consulted every photograph of the original ship to make sure that nobody could “pick holes in it”. The materials used by Jason to craft the replica range from old clockworks to broken VCRs. The 9-foot long Titanic replica features a hull made from scrap wood and other tiny details have been replicated using anything which Jason could get his hands on.

The artist states that he worked about 25 hours each week on the replica for the last two and a half years, spending over $4000 in the process. Though, the artist is receiving generous offers for the replica, he doesn’t plan to sell it anytime soon, but considers keeping it in the family as an heirloom.

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