Best solar powered cell phones for eco lovers

There is no denying the fact that the mobile phone industry is one of the fastest evolving technology industries in the world. This is the reason we see a lot of innovations in the field of mobile communications. However, at a time when the global environment is witnessing the perils of climate change, energy required to recharge all these devices is causing a problem for the electricity grid. Though, the electricity required to juice up your device every day isn’t much, the sheer number of cell phones that are currently being used all over the world, causes a major drain of energy. Like always, mobile phone manufacturers were quick to come up with new cell phones, which make use of solar energy to help you recharge your device off-the-grid. Here are some of the best solar powered cell phones that hint towards a future where mobile devices won’t ship with wall chargers.

  • Samsung S7550 Blue Earth

Launched in the late 2009, the Samsung Blue Earth is a gorgeous phone that has its rear side covered entirely with a solar panel, which can generate enough energy to charge the phone. Small enough to fit easily in your pocket, the device comes with 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display, 3.15MP camera, support for a MicroSD card up to 16GB, Wi-Fi, and a secondary VGA camera for video calling. Apart from the solar panel onboard, the device’s body is crafted from recycled plastic water bottles.

  • LG GD510 POP

If Samsung did it, LG had to do it too and the results of the competition came in the form of the LG GD510 POP. With a rear covered in solar cells, the LG POP features a 3-inch touchscreen display, a 3MP camera and an 8GB MicroSD card onboard. The catch here is that the solar panel isn’t quite efficient to be the primary source of power for your cell phone. However, during an emergency it would just be the right way to get a few minutes of additional talk time without finding your charger.

  • Sharp Solar Hybrid SH6230C

The SH6230 solar hybrid phone from Sharp comes with a 2.9-inch touchscreen display and a 5MP primary camera to take care of all your photography needs. To device flaunts a solar panel covering its back side that reaps the natural source of energy to power the cell phone’s onboard battery. The device comes in different hues to suit the tastes of all individuals.

  • Micromax X259

Developed by Indian mobile phone manufacturer, Micromax, the X259 could well be one of the cheapest cell phones available on the market today. Costing less than $50 in Indian currency, the device still manages to be high on the features list. The X259 comes with a 2.4-inch colored display, 0.3MP primary camera, GPRS, Bluetooth and dual SIM slots. The striking feature of the device is the onboard solar panel that covers the battery door, and is stated to offer 1.5 hours of talk time after three hours of sunshine exposure.

  • Puma Phone

The Puma Phone is another solar powered beauty, which is actually made by Sagem. The feature-rich phone comes with a solar panel on the back to allow you to charge it using the divine rays of the sun. Quite similar in design to the Samsung Blue Earth, the Puma Phone comes with a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, a 3.2MP primary and a secondary VGA shooter, GPS tracker, pedometer, stopwatch and a compass.

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