The Saphonian blade-less wind turbine costs less, produces more energy

Even with a potential to generate energy all through the day, wind energy harvesting technology hasn’t witnessed the same level of advancement as advancements in solar technology. According to Tunisia-based Saphon Energy, the design of conventionally used horizontal axis wind turbines is based on the 400-year old wind mill design, without much change. Not only are the rotating blades of wind turbines harmful for birds and bats, people living close to wind turbines often complain of nausea and headache, which is related to the spinning of the turbine blades.

While researchers have already proposed the use of vertical axis wind turbines, which in some cases can even be produced with hidden blades much smaller than horizontal axis wind turbines, Saphon Energy has come up with an entirely new design of a wind turbine that comes without any blades. Unlike other turbines that generate rotational energy, the new wind turbine, dubbed Saphonian, relies on a non-rotational back and forth motion, following a knot path and allowing the conversion of the majority of the kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

The mechanical energy thus produced is converted into hydraulic pressure, which can be stored in a hydraulic accumulator or instantly converted into electricity via a hydraulic motor and generator. The design of the Saphonian is inspired by sails, and according to the company the turbine is 2.3 times more efficient than spinning blades and above all costs 45 percent less to manufacture. The hydraulic system also allows energy to be stored to create a more stable supply of electrons.

Via: Green Prophet

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