Auxano home hydroponic system is for the urban gardener

While those of you living in mansions have a lot of garden space to cater to your green thumb, most people living in modern, undersized apartments neither have the space nor the kind of disposable income to accommodate a terrarium or a garden of some kind where they can grow some hyperlocal produce. Cardiff-based industrial designer Philip Houiellecbecq has tried to solve the issues with a practical hydroponic system.

Christened the Auxano, the system has been designed to enable city dwellers to grow their own produce efficiently and effectively, without spending any energy in the process. The planter soaks up the sun that enters your apartment through the window, photosynthesizing natural light into some fresh herbs. The window-mountable system features an innovative oxygenating pump system that further enhances its eco friendly credentials.

The soil-free planters are designed to be ultra-low on maintenance and help you easily produce some fresh herbs without getting into the mess of maintaining soil. The system also features a one-touch nutrient mechanism, making the system ideal for busy home owners, who don’t get much time to look after their plants and don’t want to spend their hard earned money on systems such as the Wi-Fi sensor.

Via: Core77

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