Powerscapes could sustainably power the post-oil era with solar energy

According to architect Otto Ng the global supply of oil will decline to a third by 2050, which could eventually bring our technology dependent lifestyles to a standstill. To maintain the pace of life in the post-oil era, we need large expanses of land covered with a plethora of renewable energy generating systems such as photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. However, with rapid industrialization and the estimates that a major chunk of people living in rural parts of the world will move to the urban cities in the near future, land sources available for energy generation will be limited as well.

However, there will still be some places on our planet which will have ample land available for the production of solar energy – deserts. Deserts are ideally suited for solar energy generation, and Otto has come up with another way by which deserts can fuel our lives in the future. The architect has come with Powerscapes – a solar energy generating infrastructure that could be constructed across the arid deserts to sustain economies and global energy supply.

The architect states that over 10,000 sq km of Powerscapes could be constructed over the desert landscapes, which apart from generating valuable energy, will also shelter the ground from the harsh direct sunlight. The development will also bring in transformation in biological development in these areas. Moreover, the reduction in heat and evaporation rate will make the climate dynamics more habitable for human population, animals and even plants.

The energy generated by the infrastructure will provide power to the local habitants and could also be transferred to other energy hungry cities of the developed world.

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