Urban Green Energy debuts solar and wind powered Sanya Streetlamp

One of the best ways to make use of the abundant sunshine outdoors is to install solar powered streetlamps, which can illuminate the streets and highways without any electricity connection with the grid. While there is no dearth of innovative solar powered streetlamps, Urban Green Energy’s Sanya Streetlamp is a little different. The Sanya Streetlamp features a small wind turbine along with a couple of solar panels that generate all the energy the lamp needs to light up for 12 hours a night.

The streetlamp has been designed in a way to make use of solar energy, wind energy or a combination of both to produce the energy required for the lamp’s LED light. The neat design also features space for batteries at the base of each Sanya tower. The high capacity batteries offer a 5-day back-up, which promises that the lamp will continue to light up the streets even if the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow continuously for five days.

Not only do these streetlamps promise an eco friendly way to light up streets, highways and parking lots, they also assure monetary savings as well.

Via: Inhabitat

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