Fractal Garden: A portable garden on wheels to test your creativity

While for most of us creativity in a garden means growing just the right kind of plants in the right place, designers at Legge Lewis Legge have given a new meaning to garden creativity by coming up with a mobile garden dubbed Fractal Garden. The unique garden, which runs on wheels, features 21 steel planters in the shape of quadrilateral polygons, which can be arranged in a variety of ways to shape contemporary gardens.

The 21 steel planter groups consist of seven garden diamonds with three different versions for a lot of possible designs. Each of these planters is supported by a set of wheels, allowing your cluster to move to any location. The system allows you to place the garden at any convenient location, be it your living room or even a rooftop garden for small terraces. While the team designed the garden for the 10th anniversary of The International Garden Festival in Quebec, the idea seems commendable and could quench your thirst for a unique garden that stands apart from the crowd.

Via: Fresh Home

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