Wasserbus: A sustainable watercraft for public transportation

In places where rivers are one of the primary modes of public transport, a lot of carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere by the fossil-fuel powered engines of conventional watercrafts. Industrial designer Friedrich Blauert has now come up a conceptual alternative in the form of a sustainable watercraft called the Wasserbus.

The craft also calls in for the development of stops, which float on water and can be relocated and rearranged according to the need of the transportation system. The catamaran design allows the craft to offer a lot of space for passengers, with the captain’s cabin located asymmetrically offering him a better view of the boarding process.

The Wasserbus also includes a terrace for those who want a relaxed ride outside while enjoying views of the city life. The low emission watercraft is designed to run on a hybrid diesel-electric engine with organic photovoltaic panels installed on the glass surfaces to provide renewable energy to support the electric system.

Cheers! Friedrich Blauert

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