Salt water powered LED lantern doubles as a USB charger

While designers and manufacturers are trying to figure out the ways energy can be conserved in a household, a major chunk of which goes into lighting, Japan-based Green House Co Ltd has developed an innovative LED lantern that doesn’t require any rechargeable battery, dry cell or even a connection with the wall socket to light up the ambience. The unique lantern, dubbed GH-LED10WBW, is good to go when the user adds a saline solution to it.

About 350ml of saline water that contains about 16 grams of salt is added to the lantern’s water bag. The solution acts as an electrolyte between the magnesium cathode and the copper anode of the lantern, producing electricity, which is used to power the set of LED bulbs inside. With a luminous flux of 55 lumen, each charge of water powers up the light for up to eight hours.

The magnesium rod, which acts as a cathode, can be used for up to 120 hours of power generation, after which it needs to be replaced by a new one, separately sold by the company. Apart from lighting your house, the innovative lantern can also power other USB devices using the supplied USB cable. The lantern is scheduled to be released this month for an undisclosed price.

Via: Tech-On

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