Mini House 2.0 eco friendly modern prefab can run on solar power

Designed by Swedish architect Jason Wagell along with designers at Sommarnojen, the Mini House 2.0 is the successor of Mini House – a modern prefabricated home that can serve as a portable house, a weekend retreat or even a small guesthouse. Designed similar to a backyard shed, the Mini House 2.0 comes with a plethora of eco friendly credentials, which range from the choice of materials to the ability to run completely off-the-grid.

Completely suited for both summer and winter living, the compact house also includes a small terrace to help the occupants enjoy the natural setting around. While the first iteration of the Mini House offered 15sqm of living space, the Mini House 2.0 will be made available in several sizes up to 70sqm with customized solutions for bedrooms, bathroom, sauna, kitchen, and storage space.

The sturdy construction of the Mini House 2.0 is created by prefabricating walls and roof in modules. The Mini House can be delivered flat packed and can be constructed on site within a few days. To improve the usability and better the environmental credentials of the house, the prefab dwelling features customized add-ons such as a compact kitchen, bath module, a heater kit with a chimney and even a solar power kit to generate renewable electricity.

Via: Design Milk

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