Proposed floating Airport in London to generate power from the Thames

To ease air congestion at one of the busiest airports in the world, architectural firm Gensler has proposed a unique airport that won’t be built on the ground, which London doesn’t have at its disposal, but will be built right in the middle of the River Thames. Unlike other similar proposals being thought by architectural firms, Gensler doesn’t propose building an artificial island on the river to support the infrastructure, but calls in for the development of floating giant platforms, which can support the structure above.

While the proposal will be much greener than building an entire artificial island, the floating airport scheme can’t be essentially termed green. However, the proposed airport, dubbed London Britannia Airport, would feature four floating runways which will be tethered to the riverbed with departure concourses leading to underwater rail tunnels. The floating platforms and runways can be moved to any location for maintenance and will also minimize noise pollution, while enabling round the clock usage.

The architecture firm states that the airport will be designed to generate most of its energy from marine turbines, located within the structure and adjacent to the runways.

Via: Inhabitat/World Architecture News

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