NRG Energy adorns NFL’s MetLife Stadium with solar panels

The NFL’s season opener this year, which saw reigning Super Bowl champions compete with Dallas Cowboys, was held under shimmering LED lights powered entirely by a new solar energy generating ring, which featured 1350 solar panels. The energy supplied by solar energy was used to power the color-changing LED lights, which changed color to blue or green, depending on which team is playing.

Solar panels on MetLife Stadium, which is also the biggest NFL stadium, have been designed by NRG Energy, and together the solar panels can generate 25 times the power needed to run the LED lights that come up at night. With a total energy generating potential estimated to be 350,000KWh, the installation provides approximately 10 percent of the stadium’s power needs on game days.

The company behind the installation is also constructing a solar canopy at the Patriot Place, nearby the Gillette Stadium, which is home of the New England Patriots. The canopy being constructed here features 3000 solar panels with an aim to generate 1.1 million kilowatt hours a year, which is about 60 percent of the Place’s energy needs.

Via: National Geographic

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