Neo Volt folding electric bike offers autonomy of 90km

There is no denying the fact that bicycles are by far the greenest way to travel. However, considering the fact that you can’t easily stuff a normal bike in your car’s boot on in the train, industrial designers have come up with innovative folding bicycles that come with an electric motor to further ease your commute. Helping make electric bikes a lot more attractive, designers at Item Industrial Design have come up with the Neo-Volt Electric folding bike, which they designed for BH Bikes.

The 20” model comes with innovative features such as great autonomy and ease of folding and high versatility to make it viable for a lot of individuals. The bike features a 250W motor which is powered by a generous battery, hidden completely within the frame. The electric battery allows the bike to run for 90km without any pedaling, far longer than usual in these models.

The electric bike has been designed in a way that it fits easily to changes and requirements through various city environments. The bike can easily be stored in a car’s boot, carried along in an elevator or even inside the subway. The bike has been fitted with a patented folding system, which lets you set three fixed positions by just pressing a single button.

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