Vertical Life sustainable skyscraper to feature a green façade

Designed by architect and designer Jared Moore, the Vertical Life tower proposes a sustainable building for Barcelona, where the residents don’t have to go to parks to enjoy nature, rather the plants and parks are built right inside the tower at different levels, which serve as public green spaces. While in many skyscrapers, the upper floors are reserved for expensive condos, the designer challenges the idea with having the upper levels feature public green spaces for residents of the lower levels.

The tower features a striking green façade, along with other green areas, that allow it to interact with the surroundings. The main idea behind the design was to attract attention to the center of the block, while preserving as much existing fabric as possible. The main path that cut through the site was transformed into a pedestrian zone, with the street featuring small circular grass pods. The addition of grass provides a pleasant and safe way to travel through the block.

The design of the tower is inspired by the basic needs for life in an urban environment where programs such as medical services, fresh food markets, schools and housing are the most important. The tower also acts as a living organism, due to the green wall, and vertical farming. Most of the top levels of the tower can also act as a vertical farm, whereby fresh produce can be made available to the residents. The building includes a plethora of sustainable technologies, such as rain water collection, use of natural light to reduce energy consumption and natural ventilation to keep interior temperatures at comfortable levels.

Cheers! Jared Moore

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