CERV concept bike changes shape according to the terrain

There is no dearth of innovative and sometimes weird designs for bicycles, which have proven to be one of the greenest modes of transportation. Recently, we reported about the Fliz bike that didn’t have pedals and today there is another interesting bicycle designed and built by Priority Designs for the EuroBike 2012 design show. Dubbed the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle or CERV the bike is designed to adapt according to the course you’re riding it on.

The bike’s front end is adjustable to different heights depending on whether you are riding it in the middle of a tough climb or going downhill. The thing that makes it crazy is that even as the handles rise and fall, the distance between the saddle and the crank remains the same. Since a fork is essential for steering, the team had to alter the bike’s mechanics to suit the new design.

Via: Gizmodo

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