Dead Media: Skull-shaped art installation crafted from old VHS videotapes

The rate at which technology has been advancing in the past decade or so has not only given us gadgets that are so proud of, but has also rendered older technology useless. The VHS videotapes are pieces of such forgotten technology, traces of which can be found in some cabinets we don’t usually open. While we don’t really find any good use of videotapes, artists such as Noah Scalin, know pretty well how to give these pieces of pretty historic technology a new life.

Noah was commissioned by TCC Visual Arts Center to create an installation called “Dead Media” and the designer used all skills to create a skull sculpture using close to 500 VHS tapes, which were donated by Noah’s friends and the staff and students of Tidewater Community College. The artwork has been inspired by Hand Holbein the Younger’s famous painting “The Ambassadors”, and looks only correct from one point, while being quite distorted in real life.

Via: Skulladay

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