SsangYong to unveil hybrid e-XIV crossover at Paris Motor Show

Fossil fuel powered vehicles are too polluting and expensive to run and electric vehicles are slow and don’t offer a decent operating range, so the way forward right now, as envisioned by a lot of auto manufacturers, is a blend of both these technologies. Hybrid vehicles pack the punch of a conventional gas-powered car, while ensuring a reduction in emissions, not to mention the fact that you can ride it on electricity alone, when you’re not in a hurry. This is the reason we see auto manufacturers come up with hybrid vehicles at motor shows and this year’s Paris Motor Show will be no different.

SsangYong has announced that the company will present the all new e-XIV (Electric-Exciting user interface vehicle) – a compact crossover powered by a hybrid engine at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The vehicle is expected to be the hybrid version of the XIV-2 concept, which was revealed at this year’s Geneva Show. The car is characterized by the dynamic stance, the wraparound DLO contrasted by large, trapezoidal C-Pillars, descending roof lines and sleek and efficient LED lights.

The eco friendly vehicle uses an electric motor mated to a small internal combustion engine, which helps enhance the range of the vehicle. The concept features a panoramic glass roof that betters visibility, while also offering space for solar cells to generate renewable electricity for the onboard battery.

Via: Car Body Design

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