Graft Tower: A self-sustaining building that ‘grows’

Designed by Diego Taccioli along with Sizhe Chen and Tyler Wallace, the Graft Tower is an eco friendly building, which is self sufficient in terms of water, food and energy. Construction of this unique building is based on equally unique materials and methods. The tower has been designed to provide space for a sustainable hotel and eco friendly living spaces for permanent residents. Instead of constructing, the structure is literally grown by grafting in-osculate fibers around the skeletal frames of the commercial and housing units.

As the organic material spreads upwards and around the frames, more are bought from off-site and placed by a mobile crane. The structure is entirely optimized for natural ventilation and cooling that helps reduce energy consumption. Water is collected at the bottom of each unit and then used throughout the open framework for vertical farming. Residents maintain and assist the growth of agricultural pieces of the building.

The unique structural elements of the building are highlighted by the use of carbon fiber reinforcement. The mesh adds strength to the structure and also distributes water throughout the tower and manages the temperature of the panels themselves. The structure also features the use of artificial photosynthesis skin panels, which produce liquid ethanol to fuel the energy demands of the building.

Cheers! Diego Taccioli

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