Energy generating Entity Table helps you work in your garden

Generating renewable energy in all possible ways is the need of the hour. This is the reason we see products such as shoes and furniture units that have been customized to produce renewable energy. Industrial designers seem to love the concept of energy generating furniture units and the Entity Table concept is on the same lines. Conceptualized by designer Enrico Penello, the Entity Table takes inspiration from nature to form a table that can recharge your electronic gear even when you plan to work in your garden.

The concept table features the use of a large solar panel placed on its surface to produce renewable solar energy. The energy generated by the solar panel is stored in an onboard rechargeable battery. The battery transfers the electrons to an AC/DC inverter, which converts the electricity into a usable form to power up your electronic devices such as tablet computers, laptops and your cell phone.

The designer aims to produce the table by using ceramic or concrete for the main body with legs made using heavy concrete blocks so that the table can easily be fixed on to the ground. The concept table makes sure that during a hot sunny day, you can comfortably work for long ours outdoors without worrying much about the battery capacity of your notebook computer.

Cheers! Enrico Penello

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