Taxi driver builds Gaza’s first electric vehicle from recycled materials

While some auto makers are still thinking about accepting the challenge to build electric vehicles, a 32-year-old taxi driver has built Gaza’s first electric vehicle in his workshop made on the roof of his home. The zero-emission vehicle is entirely made using recycled materials, which even betters the vehicle’s eco credentials. The inventor, Munther al-Qassas, came up with the idea in an effort to save spending hours waiting in line for petrol.

Built at the cost of $1000 over the course of several months, the vehicle’s frame is made entirely out of wood and uses salvaged tires for an old wheelbarrow. Due to the choice and quality of materials, the electric vehicle is capable of hitting a speed of just 12mph. The inventor aims to make Gaza self-sufficient with this electric car with a plan to make a solar powered car in the near future.

The vehicle can carry only two people and has limited speed. Moreover, the vehicle’s battery needs to be charged for a period of five hours, after which it is able to run for four hours. Though with the specifications, we don’t see any auto maker interested in using the tech, but since the vehicle is made using recycled stuff, the specs aren’t that bad either.

Via: Inhabitat/Physorg

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