Jiaxing College Library & Media center to feature a roof garden

Breaking the barriers of contemporary architectural design principles, LYCS Architecture has come up with a sustainable design proposal for the new Jiaxing College Library & Media Center. The winning proposal features 42,000sqm of space surrounded by rich woods and luscious water reserves. The library encourages public activities in the courtyard and the exquisitely designed roof garden, while reducing excessive visual interruption to the three lobes.

Instead of straight staircases, the design features gently sloping ramp wraps the core to create an information-oriented architecture. The triangular plan also betters utilization of day lighting to reduce energy consumption. The double layered façade creates a theater-like experience of form. As the visitor progresses towards the center court, the façade curves extrudes to a height of 35 meters, further expanding into three roof gardens that minimize the heat island effect, while giving the building a unique green exterior.

The first two levels of the building offers space for museum, archive, and a network center with the library above. The eco friendly building, with a multitude of green spaces, reading spaces and common spaces to enhance public interaction, is estimated to be built by 2014, with construction to commence this year.

Via: Arch Daily

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