Russian woman gives artistic look to her home with 30,000 plastic bottle caps

We all know that plastic waste, which arises mainly due to the billions of plastic water bottles sold worldwide each year, takes hundreds of thousands of years, if ever, to decompose. While environmentalists have been encouraging individuals to give up on bottled water and use filtered tap water instead, there are a few artists working on ways to reuse plastic waste. Olga Kostina, a Russian pensioner living in the Russian Village of Kamarchaga, in Siberian taiga, thinks that plastic bottle caps can be reused to give a new look to her house.

Featuring one of the most beautiful natural ecosystems on the Earth, the area has an incredibly low population density of just 3 people per square kilometer. Living in such a lonely and green area, Olga took up the project of collecting all types of plastic bottle caps as a hobby, which she then used to decorate the walls of her wooden house.

The artist created wonderful pixilated patterns that cover most of the exterior surface of the walls and features designs from traditional macramé motifs to animals living in the neighboring forest. Each of the 30,000 plastic bottle caps have been fixed by hand, using a hammer and nails. The artist isn’t just stopping here and plans to cover all adjacent structures with the same material and skills.

Images © REUTERS / Ilya Naymushin

Via: Oddity Central

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