Fuel cell powered Nissan Terra concept revealed ahead of Paris Motor Show

With most automakers placing their bets on hydrogen as a clean fuel to power zero emission electric vehicles in the near future, Nissan has entered the bandwagon with their new Nissan Terra concept. The concept has been revealed ahead of the hydrogen fuel cell powered SUVs official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The company states that the concept shows that Nissan is ready to mass produce zero emission fuel cell powered electric cars as soon as hydrogen becomes a readily available source of fuel. The concept’s all-wheel electric powertrain is fully operational and ready to take on the challenges of the real world. The front wheels of the car are powered by an electric propulsion system that is currently being utilized to power the Nissan Leaf.

The rear wheels feature an in-wheel motor, giving the SUV its all-wheel drive credentials. The electric motors don’t need a drive shaft, resulting in a flat cabin floor and cleaner underbody. Under the bonnet, the vehicle packs a hydrogen fuel cell stack delivering a power density of 2.5kW per liter of hydrogen.

Innovation is seen all through the cars chunky tires, thick pillars and its creatively designed interior. Moreover the car’s front hinged front doors and rear hinged rear doors allow for easy access. Wooden and silver metal surfaces are installed throughout the car’s interior, giving it a classy look. Also all the passenger seats fold forwards to create a flat cabin deck, presenting a versatile cargo space.

Via: Car Advice

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