Cyclo-Phone lets you create music by pedaling a stationary bike

Pedal power, which is one of the greenest forms of renewable energy generation, has been used by inventors for everything from pedal powered aircrafts to a pedal powered music festival. Designers Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente have now teamed up to create “Cyclo-Phone” a bicycle powered music machine, which lets users create distinct rhythms by pedaling the bike at different speeds.

The instrument was made using off-the-shelf materials and consists of a rubber flap attached to the rim of the bicycle. This flap slaps on eight PVC pipes at different lengths to create different sounds. The installation was created for Summer Streets 2012 and presented by the NYC’s Department of Transportation. Check out the video below to listen to some pedal-powered tunes being played on the “Cyclo-phone”.


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