Concept Button MP3 player can theoretically play tunes for a lifetime

Apart from solar and wind energy, renewable energy harvesting has a lot more to it. With inventors coming up with technologies to harvest kinetic energy generated by walking and generating clean energy from waste heat, the possible application areas are endless, especially in portable electronic devices. The Button MP3 Player concept is just on the same line, as it runs on an unconventional source of renewable energy – body heat.

The concept MP3 player transforms heat to electricity using a thermoelectric device, which produces enough charge from your body heat to recharge its onboard battery. The easy to use device comes with four buttons, resembling a large four-hole fabric fastener. All you have to do is to attach it to your clothing and play tunes on it. At night, when you are sleeping, you can keep this device near your face so that it can continually harvest heat from your breath to juice up completely by morning.

Via: Trend Hunter/Tuvie

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