Maxthreads’ Kaohsiung Port station proposal to encourage eco consciousness

Bringing urban agricultural farming to the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, designers at Maxthreads have unveiled a sustainable proposal for the Kaohsiung Port station. The master plan aims to strengthen a sense of community and eco consciousness amount visitors and local residents. The master plan takes inspiration from the cultural and biological heritage between the new city urban fabric and existing old town Yen Chan district.

The proposal inspires a meaningful sense of community and a shared commitment for social and environmental responsibility. The structure provides space for living, working and leisure uses, while ensuring a clean environment with ample green spaces. The architect’s focus is to keep as much of the old town as possible in order to bring the history of the city to the modern times. The master plan calls for the city to be divided into various blocks where roads cut each other in rectangular fashion.

Moreover, the railway line lying on the edge of the city creates a boundary to demarcate the city’s limits from the adjoining mountains.

Via: Maxthreads

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