XYN: Solar-powered electric bike is inspired by butterflies

The XYN is a concept electric bicycle designed by Ishaan Bharat that aims to solve the woes faced mostly by bicycle riders all over the world. Bicycling, though one of the greenest modes of transportation, lacks the speed and performance as powered vehicles do. The concept bicycle comes with a canopy, which not only protects  you from bad weather but also comes with embedded photovoltaic panels that generate all the energy that the bike’s electric engine requires.

The solar panels generate renewable energy which is stored in onboard batteries. These batteries supply energy to the onboard motor that helps the rider commute without pedaling. If the batteries run out of juice on an overcast day, you still have the option to travel the old fashioned way by simply pedaling the bike. The two-wheeler, which the designer states is inspired by butterflies, features a unique shape and spoke-less wheels.

The bike has been designed to enable the rider to commute at high speed. The rider can apply brakes by reverse pedaling, which is something that should have been improved. As a safety feature the rider gets an LED head and rear lights that also enables the user to travel after dark, which isn’t the case with conventional bicycles.

Via: ID-Mag

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