POMM Design Studio comes up with a cork case for iPad

There is no dearth of accessories available for iPhones and iPads on the market today, but eco conscious people always love to add a touch of green to their loved gadgets. While you can help do your bit for the environment by purchasing a solar energy charger that makes sure your gadgets don’t burden the grid, POMM Design Studio has come up with another way to make sure that your iPad looks and feels a lot greener. The studio has unveiled its new iPadCorkCase, which as the name itself suggests is a case for the iPad that is made using cork.

The cork case, which weighs in at 300 grams, isn’t the slimmest and the lightest accessory for the iPad, but considering the fact that it is made using a biodegradable product, it could well be one of the greenest accessories for you iPad. Cork also makes the case durable, versatile and highly resistant to daily use. The case features a geometric design that goes beyond the formal visual plan.

Those of you who really like the rugged feel of the case and its eco friendly credentials can sign up at POMM Design Studio and can expect your iPadCorkCase somewhere around November this year.

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