Deep Sea Angler Fish lamp adds sustainability to creative art

A piece of art often soothes your eye as well as mind, but if is made using recycled objects, it takes a whole new meaning. For, the recycled art not only attracts the attention of onlookers but also helps in sustaining the environment. Crafted by Justin La Doux, the “Deep Sea Angler Fish” is a creative sculpture that is made using a variety of recycled objects and energy efficient lighting.

Combining old forks, knives, bike parts and shovels to form a piece of art, the Deep Sea Angler Fish also makes use of a motion censored light that illuminates as soon as you come to the close proximity of the sculpture. Measuring 4 x 5’ (WL) in dimensions, the recycled sculpture stays firm 5 feet above the ground on a firm base. Since each piece of art, especially sustainable, comes with a price tag, the junkyard fish lamp will ask you to shell out $8,000 from your coffers.

Via: Thisiscolossal/ Gizmodo

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