KANZ Field Power Desk allows off grid charging

Employees often feel too exhausted to work in stressful office environment and wish to escape to some serene outdoor spot, where they could work freely and give wings to their creativity. But unavailability of power or electricity in far off places, to keep the gadgets running, is one major problem that forces employees to work within the four wall of the office. Addressing the issue designer Harald Kanz has come up with a portable desk that generates power from lithium ion batteries and solar panels to allow off grid charging anywhere, anytime.

Presented in two versions, i. e. the Field Power Desk 120 and the Field Power Desk 240, the Kanz Field Power Desk integrates GoalZero solar panels, lithium ion batteries and a flexible light to support your extended work sessions. While a separate charging drawer gives easy access to the recessed charging strip that offers 12V and 5V outputs for different gadgets.

Made using Baltic birch and marine grade aluminum, the self-supporting desk also features anodized end cups to ensure durability. Integrating a number of adapters and chargers, the Field Power Desk also juices up your camera, video and portable DVD player simultaneously. Priced at $2,495, the sustainable workstation is sure to add fun to your work.

Via: Coolhunting

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