Agricultural Singularity: Sustainable housing complex produces food for the inhabitants

With land resources available for farming declining at an unanticipated rate, urban farming using next-gen technologies such as hydroponic and aeroponic seem to be the need of the hour. Designed Evan Collins is working on the same lines and has come up with a conceptual vertical farming, housing complex for London, which takes inspiration from the concept of “Responsive Architecture”.

Realizing that the relationship between humanity and their sustenance is almost non-existent, the design aims to restore the relation using two methods of food production. The first is through human-led farming that occurs on the lower levels of the living structure, encouraging a direct relationship between humanity and food. The other features use of advanced material technologies that work in conjunction with adaptive systems derived from biomimicry.

While the first method of food production seeks to feed the occupants of the building, the second level is aimed to feed the much greater surrounding populace. The sustainable development not only makes it possible to grow food in a sustainable way.

Cheers! Evan Collins

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