ecoATM pays cash for old cell phones and MP3 players

The frequent advancements in electronic gadgets, primarily cell phones and MP3 players, means that geeks discard their devices much earlier, resulting in an all-new form of electronic waste, which isn’t always waste. A California-based company, ecoATM, has now come up with an easy to use kiosk that allows such geeks to trade their “old” devices for cash or charity.

The high-tech machine, which can also sense a broken screen, evaluates the price of your old MP3 player of cell phone and if you’re willing you can sell your device right there and collect cash. While 75 percent of the gadgets sold at ecoATM kiosks find a second home, the remaining ones are sent for environmentally responsible recycling, where any rare earth elements are reclaimed.

The machine is based on the use of state of the art artificial intelligent technologies that help the machine differentiate varied consumer electronic devices and determine their market value based on the present quality of the product. If the value is acceptable, users have the option to receive cash or store credit for their trade. The machine is able to tell the difference between a cracked glass, which is a comparatively inexpensive fix from a broken display and bleeding pixels, which is fatal for the device. Check out the video below to see the kiosk in action.

Via: DailyMail

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