Busan Opera House: An architectural reinterpretation of Busan’s natural ecosystem

Conceptualized by Jed Jeong for the South Korean city of Busan, the Busan Opera House is an architectural reinterpretation of the natural ecosystem of the city where the mountains decent to the ocean creating a visually appealing landscape. Like the actual city is surrounded by mountains, the project features an open plaza with a water space in the center and surrounded by opera house facilities along the perimeter.

The master plan doesn’t intend to create monuments on an open space, but rather focuses on designing a continuous plaza that extends up and over the buildings that meet the ocean to become a truly civic open space. The overall massing of the building features two key components – the facility volume and the exterior surface. The facility volumes are placed around the perimeter of the master plan and allow physical and visual connection with the natural ecosystem.

On the other hand, the exterior surface is terraced on the plaza side with large open spaces, including parks, placed on the surfaces. Small open spaces feature planters and decks. The site can be occupied by visitors in any creative way ranging from urban farming to a temporary market, which is fully in conjunction with nature.

Cheers! Jed Jeong

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