Plexus tower to recharge electric vehicles with solar energy

With auto manufacturers trying to better the credentials of electric cars to make them lot more lucrative for individuals, global adoption is clearly dependent on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Not only is such an infrastructure missing in most parts of the world, the systems available in other areas cannot charge EVs are quickly as one can refuel a gas powered vehicle. Trying to solve the issue, industrial designer Nicholas Fjellberg Swerdlowe has conceptualized the Plexus – a DC quick charge tower.

The beautifully designed tower structure can simultaneously charge a couple of electric cars and establishes its presence through LED and OLED lighting. The system’s status bar is configured to display the amount of charge in the EV’s battery pack, showing green when fully charged and red when empty. The roof panel of the charger allows for maximum light reflectivity and features the use of Konarka’s Power Plastic Solar Film to generate all the energy the tower needs to refuel EVs.

Carrying on its eco friendly credentials on the exterior, the surfaces here are made using bio-based resins, replacing 90 percent of petroleum content used in traditional plastics. Moreover, the charging station offers a unique opportunity to utilize a discrete profile by removing the transformer from the interior of the unit. This change eliminates the humming sounds making the charger a lot better for the user.

Cheer! Nicholas Fjellberg Swerdlowe

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