Light Bird concept LED lamp provides sustainable illumination

Out of the total amount of energy consumed by a normal household, a major portion is utilized by lighting fixtures. While LED and CFL light bulbs promise to save a considerable amount of energy, they still require a connection to the wall socket. Jang EunHyuk, a South Korean industrial designer, has come up with a concept LED light that runs entirely off-the-grid. Christened Light Bird, the concept light takes inspiration from the feathers of birds to hide solar panels.

At the press of a button, the concept LED light rolls out its solar panels to harness renewable solar energy during daytime. The energy generated is hence stored in an onboard battery for use after dark. The solar panels can be folded back again and the light can be carried inside your house and placed at any place where illumination is needed. The concept features the use of LED light bulbs which consume 70 percent less energy while lasting up to four times longer than incandescent light bulbs commonly used in similar decorative lighting fixtures.

Via: Coroflot/YankoDesign

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