Israeli student incorporates living bacteria into one-of-a-kind clothing

A third year student at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, Sarine Zaken has become the world’s first designer to embed living bacteria into clothing and jewelry that interested people can actually wear. With an aim to produce clothes with something alive incorporated into it, the designer worked with unique bacteria called Paenibacillaceae.

Paenibacillaceae is a complex organism that depends on organization and communication for its survival. The social bacteria communicate with other cells for information about food and movement and hence form wild patterns, which cannot be replicated as the behavior is drastically different every time. To create a pattern, the designer dictates how the bacteria should communicate, but as you can well imagine, the process of handling and dictating terms to millions of bacteria isn’t an easy job.

Once the designer is satisfied by the resulting pattern, she adds dye to it, making one-of-a-kind clothing and jewelry designs, which can be worn by women with a different fashion sense. The survival of the bacteria on the clothing and hence the pattern is the corporation between them. The microorganisms activate high communication mechanism that resembles a chemical network.

Via: Green Prophet

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